Is the stock market being the only concept, or we could see this in any other trading platform?

Is the stock market being the only concept, or we could see this in any other trading platform?

Suppose a person has an idea to start his new business but does not have enough money to invest in his place. Then some of his friends are helping him to join in share market. After entering the share market, he starts selling half of his company shares in it. If a buyer buys all of his claims, the buyer would also be an owner of the business. If the shares have been accepted by two to three people, there might be three company owners. But here, the central ownership goes to the share seller. This method is known to share market trading.

Pic16-027 KARACHI: Mar16- A stockbroker watches the latest share prices during a trading session at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), in provincial capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Sabir Mazhar

If the same consumer invests in more than one Business Company to earn, this can be called a stock market. The number of stocks he has will denote the number of companies he invested in. Here the investor cannot be restricted or limited to buy his supplies. Still, some people are in the idea of both the stock and the trade are the same. While trading, we cannot expect about the next position, which means at any time the FB stock price would increase and decrease or else be stable.

Why are the stock prices not stable even for one day?

If the prices will not increase and remain the same for a long time. We could see more investors and buyers, and the stock would be an easy platform to earn. When the price decreases, the investors are starting investing in the company stock until it reaches the highest level they would wait. And if the investors guess that the market will fall, they would sell the stock to other investors for a

higher rate than they bought. If the stock price remains the same, the investors cannot earn, and next time he would not have the mind to invest in any other companies.

How is the price calculated automatically? Does the system make this option?

The main procedure that happens here is between the supply and the demand. When the product’s collection increases and the need for the product decreases, the particular item’s price will be less in cost. When the price is high, the above method will be opposite to each other. This method happens in stock or else the share market we could see in every retail shop, needs, and departmental stores. There is a lot of possibilities to lose their money on trading platforms. Even though the experienced person cannot manage his loss, but from the failure, we could earn some unknown facts about the market at

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